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Emotional stress can cause physical pain.

Posted Apr 13 2011 8:22am

We have all heard how stress whether it is emotional or physical, is bad for us and many people have noticed that when they are under stress, they have more back pain or neck pain or other issue.

There is some evidence that previous emotional stress  issues that occurred at the same time as the  physical  injury result in maintaining that injury regardless of the drugs taken or even surgery. In order to truly and completely heal, addressing the mental aspect of the injury as well as the physical will result in better healing.

Our subconscious memory will reactivate when it remembers a past experience. If we are running away from a “sabertooth tiger” our muscles will tighten, more blood will flow and we will get ready for fight or flight. While there are no saber tooth tigers today, we are exposed to stress and this can cause our bodies to react similarly. Put an injury on top of that and the inappropriate tightening of muscles will cause the injury to recur.

Chiropractic care is beneficial in correcting the muscle imbalances and re-educating the body and mind to more appropriate responses to stress. Visit our website at for more information.

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