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Eliminating Back Pain Using Sciatica Stretches And Exercises

Posted Jan 06 2011 7:11am

More than 80% of all people will suffer from some form of back pain in their lives however, relatively few understand the excruciating pain and discomfort associated with a particular type of back pain known as Sciatica. Sciatica is often a difficult condition to diagnose or to treat. Sufferers complain of a variety of symptoms from a distracting numbness or tingling to a severe and chronic pain. Those suffering at a chronic level express a constant pain that radiates down the buttocks and legs. It not only can cause pain and discomfort but, over time it can result in loss of feeling.

Sciatica sufferers can experience the symptoms in a variety of ways and in different parts of the leg. It really depends on where the sciatic nerve is affected in the lower back. When describing the symptoms to your doctor, it can prove very helpful to be exact as possible. This will significantly help your doctor to accurately diagnose the cause.

If your one of the many suffering from sciatica then, you know what it’s doing to your life. You begin to consider every little movement and how it will effect you. The pain begins to increase and eventually your in pain all the time or on so much pain medication you can’t even function. Even your relationships are affected and you find yourself not able to do the things you love with friends and family. This causes depression and mood swings….and you find yourself not being fun to be with.

Sciatica sufferers and doctors alike share in the support for a multi-faceted treatment plan that traditionally involves chiropractic, therapy, oral medicine, spinal injections and surgery. However, one very effective method that is commonly overlooked is the effectiveness of sciatic stretching. This involves a focused stretching exercise that is specially orchestrated to help the body to repair itself.

The most common cause of sciatica is from a bulging disc or herniated disc. When the disc bulges, the gel like center pushes against the disc’s outer wall. In a herniated disc, the nucleus pulpous actually breaks through the narrow passage ways. In reference to both bulging and herniated discs, it’s the material of the disc that presses against the nerve roots causing sciatica.

There are many natural methods to prevent or even relieve some of the pain including standing straight and maintaining a good posture. Keeping your back straight while sitting and with just a slight curve tends to significantly help those who sit at a desk all day. One very important method of prevention is to use your leg muscles when lifting heavy objects and keep the object close to your body without bending over.

One of the most common misconceptions regarding sciatica pain is that many sufferers who find relief by reducing the inflammation believes once the pain is gone the condition is resolved. However, over time, if the disc is not repaired then the pain can return and even at a more severe level. This is due to the deterioration of the disc. Therefore, the best solution is to repair the disc and permanently eliminate the pain.

The primary reason why sciatica problems tend to come back and even worsen over time is due to the spine being damaged. When this occurs it usually worsens and degenerates. Fortunately, it is possible to significantly slow, stop or in some cases even reverse the degeneration process. This can be done by improving the functioning of the joints and muscles in the spine in order to minimize the mechanical stress to the point that allows the body to actually repair itself over time.

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