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Dr Scot Is Pulling His Hair Out…

Posted Nov 06 2008 9:44pm

This is about a subject that affects everything else in your life.


There are certain things in your life that if you focus on will increase your fulfillment, your joy, your health and your vitality!   And, there are certain areas of your life that if you DON’T focus on them you get pain.   And so that comes to the base level of what we are going to give you this month and that is how to exponentially increase your ENERGY!


See, when you talk about your life, your health, your vitality, I don’t care what it is you want to improve (emotions, relationships, career, finances, etc) none of that matters if you don’t take care of your BODY.   You know that everything in life revolves around your health.


The problem is that we don’t live in a society where most of us value our bodies that much.   In fact, we probably value our bodies the least.   Of course the media advertises perfect bodies all over the place, but we don’t make our vitality and health an absolute must.


We have a lot more advertising on how to get drunk, or how to get yourself out of pain instantly with a drug, or whatever else you can consume in big gulp sizes!   People are drinking Coke in containers that are bigger than their heads!   What’s going on out there?   Am I taking crazy pills?!


Why is it that we will do things to get money, to get ahead in our career, for our kids, for our spouses, for fun…BUT we never take care of ourselves.   We ignore our bodies!!!   We go out there in give all of our energy to everyone else…and then there is nothing left for YOU.   Sound familiar?   Do you really want to end up the richest person in the graveyard?  


Most people are digging their grave with their TEETH!


They don’t understand that the little decisions on what they put in their bodies have a HUGE effect on how they feel, how high their energy level is, and how much pain they suffer from.


I’m sick and tired of the lies on TV, in the newspaper, on the radio about how to and what to eat.   These so-called nutrition experts are feeding our country a big load of nonsense.   Nutrisystem?   Really?   Since when was lasagna and pizza healthy?   Guess what…It’s not and it never will be!   It is this garbage that is advertised that makes my blood boil.   Am I a little overboard with this…maybe, but I care about helping people become healthy and you are being repeatedly lied to.  


I’m going to show you what you must do to regain the energy that you want to feel every single day.   I’ve scheduled a nutritional consultant to come up to Marion to present a workshop entitled the 7 HABITS OF HEALTHY AND HAPPY PEOPLE.   Come and join us on Tuesday, September 23 rd at 6:30 PM at our office across from the mall, and next to Kroger.   You must call the 24 hour free recorded message at1-800-715-6679to reserve your seat at this popular workshop.  


Here are the highlights of what we will be covering:


  • Fats.   What are good fats and what are bad fats?   How much fat should you eat?   What are good sources of fat?   Isn’t fat what makes me fat?   (The answer to that by the way is NO!)
  • Grains.   What is a whole grain vs a refined grain?   Where do I find healthy grains?   What affect do grains have on your health?
  • Acid and Alikalinelevels of your body.   Did you know that you are filled with Acid in your body that could eat through metal?   Did you know that you can get Osteoporosis (and many other diseases) from not knowing how to control this in your own body?
  • Water.  This one surprises me.   When I ask people what their current water consumption is…it is typically less than stellar. Don’t feel bad though…it is much more common than you think.   Now, I mean pure water with no sugar, flavors, additives, etc inside of it.   Vitamin ‘water’, Crystal Light, Iced Tea, Lemonade, do not count.   So what is your water consumption like?   You can and must change this and I will tell you why.
  • Supplementation.   This is a big topic these days.   What supplement should you take?   Is there really a difference?   Why does your urine turn bright yellow…are you losing everything you just paid for and took the time to take?   Learn what the truth is about supplementation and how you may be being fooled by marketers out there.
  • Organic vs Non-Organic Food.  You’ve all seen the organic sections growing in your grocery stores.   The question is: “should I pay the extra money to buy this stuff?   It’s so expensive.”   Well, after this workshop you will have the facts about the differences so that is an easier decision to make for you and your family.
  • Inflammation.  Did you know that ginger is a stronger anti-inflammatory agent than aspirin?   Did you know that what you eat can actually cause your arthritis to get WORSE?   Most people do not associate aches and pains to what you eat.   You may be surprised by what we have to say about inflammation, aches, pains, and what you eat.   Don’t miss this if you have any type of chronic pain syndrome.


Remember, if you are frustrated with your energy level, suffering from chronic pain, or just want more out of life, call our 24/7 free recorded message where you can reserve your seat at1-800-715-6679.

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