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Don't Use Your Back Pain As An Excuse Not To Lose Weight

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

How can I lose weight when I can't exercise because of my back pain ? I am in so much pain and life is so miserable, that the only thing I have to look forward to is eating and having a few beers. These are the sorts of things I hear from someone that is just NOT ready to pay the price to get better. The price tag is too high. They are willing to spend some money and some time, but they are not willing to do what it will really take to get better. I rarely see someone that IS willing to pay the price, not respond. Yes, it does happen, but it is rare. On the other hand, I have seen miracles and lives changed when one is willing to do whatever it takes to regain their health. No, it is not easy. But nothing in life that is worthwhile is easy. The thing is, you can be willing to pay the price and still not know what to do. That's where I come in. I know what you need to do to get the weight off. This is not an issue. The weight will come off whether you are able to exercise or not. As soon as you lose some weight and get some of the stress off your joints, everything will start working better. Even your spinal decompression therapy will yield better results. The diet you will be switching from is probably loaded with inflammation producing animal and dairy products. Just getting the inflammation under control will make you feel so much better. Of course I am referring to a Plant Based Diet. The Plant based diet in conjunction with anti-inflammatory Fish Oil supplementation will help get you to the point where you can begin an exercise program under my supervision. This is when everything will really start to kick in. Listen, just about every health condition that I can think of is connected to the typical American diet. Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Thyroid Conditions, Prostate Conditions, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, and on and on. If you are ready to do what it takes to make the transformation, we are here to guide you all the way to the finish line. If you are not ready that's OK too, but don't blame it on your weight. Drastic change requires drastic action. 

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