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Posted Sep 05 2011 2:58pm

snow 005

Since the time of Hippocrates, who wrote about the effects of hot and cold wind's on people's health, this topic has been debated.

Back in 1892 Evan Osler( a Norwegian physician) said that 'arthritis sufferers of wealth vacation in the South to avoid the cold damp weather of the Northern winters'.

Folklore holds that the weather 'can' effect arthritis.

Surveys have shown that more than 90% of patients do believe that weather plays a role in their pain. In fact, some sufferers say that they can even predict the weather by their joint pain flare-ups.

They say that the drop in barometric pressure that accompanies cold, rainy weather allows tissues in the body to expand to fill up space.

Of course another theory that does make sense is that the damp and cold weather causes the muscles to shiver to maintain body temperature, thereby producing traction on the joints causing pain.

For me personally, the weather and temperature 'always' affects my pain, no question about it.

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