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Do you know why I'm experiencing severe upper back pain with nausea?

Posted by cmccormi

-I've had what feels like a sinus headache for the past 3 days, which has not gone away with any over the counter medication.

-I've had tension headaches on both sides of my neck for the past 2 days

-I was awoken at 2am from severe upper back pain 2 days ago, with nausea. A hot shower helped the pain and nausea subside. The next day I didn't feel any pain.

-I am again experiencing severe upper back pain with nausea, that started around 6pm. The pain and nausea subsided after I had a hot shower, but returned a half an hour later. No over the counter medicine seems to be working. The nausea and upper back pain seem to be interconnected. 


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You could possibly have some kind of sinus infection.  I find they sometimes cause an array of symptoms because if there is enough pressure there it interferes with cranial nerves.  This can in turn trigger a nautious response.  Also sometimes when pain is very severe it can cause nausea.  Lastly, I've also seen neck and upper back muscles become so tight and spasm prone that it can cause shifts in the spinal alignment and cause nerve pressure.  See your doctor, the typical over the counter meds might be for a bacterial infection and it could be viral or fungal also.
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