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Do you have a Medication Overuse Headache?

Posted May 19 2010 5:30am

I caught an episode recently on Good Morning America which discussed MOH or medication overuse headaches. This is found in individuals who have headaches and take medication for them but the more medication they take the worse their headaches become. So they take stronger and stronger drugs and the headaches become worse and worse.

Why do Medication Overuse Headaches occur? Well, the experts are trying to figure that out as we speak but I would hazard a guess in that the body doesn’t have a Tylenol deficiency or is low in Advil. Those medications cause changes in the body chemistry, causes blood vessels to dilate or constrict which is not normal either and then we have a vicious cycle causing more and more symptoms. Of course you all know that you can have injury to your gut by taking too much Advil, get a bleeding ulcer and die. Too much Tylenol can damage your liver which isn’t too good for  longevity either.

Medication Overuse Headaches is a symptom.  Your body gives you a symptom if there is some kind of problem going on. Only dealing with the symptoms without addressing the cause is neglectful. So in the case of our headache people, covering up the symptoms without looking at why the headache is occurring, may be why the headaches get worse. This is like taking the battery out of the alarm and thinking all is well.

In our office, just like in hundreds of other Chiropractors offices, we see people all day with headaches caused by tight muscles, irritated nerves and jammed joints. As we free up the joints, loosen the muscles and allow the nerves to calm down, the majority of headaches resolve. But of course the hard part is determining why the joints got jammed in the first place. Is it posture at work, sleeping on the couch, trauma or something else. That is why a through history is so very important. By looking as deep as we possibly can we can determine the correct type of treatment to truly solve the problem. And that makes you more healthy and productive.

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