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Posted Dec 22 2010 3:45pm

The Neo G Bunion Correction Night Splint is one of the latest health gadgets to help with the pain of bunions.

The splint slides between the big toe and the neighbouring toe and corrects a bunion by pushing the big toe back into its original position.

It is designed to be worn while sleeping and resting, it has a strap so the splint can gradually increase the amount of pressure put on the toe each night.

It claims to correct a slight to medium bunion in four months.

The jury is still out as to whether this latest technique works as experts say that 'just pushing the big toe into position is not going to correct this, and when you get up in the morning and your feet have to bear your load again, the force will simply push the toe back to where it was'.

What it does not say is whether putting the splint on at night helps with the pain or not. My pain is always worse in bed (a bit like Gout) so if I could relieve that then I would be happy.

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