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Diagnosis of partial head and neck numbness

Posted by Tucker

One week ago I was getting in bed when I felt the left side of my body begin to tingle. I immediately stood up and did some stretching exercises and from my shoulder down this sensation went away.

However I still have a numbness feeling from my clavical, up behind my left ear to not quite the top of my head. It is most intense at my ear. There is no pain but when I touch that area it has a very strange numbing type feeling. I have no problems eating, swallowing, or talking. Since the big snow fall I plowed my driveway, turning my head very far to one side or the other to see where I was backing up to. I did this several times and wondered if I pinched a nerve somewhere.

Although I am 65 I am in pretty good shape. I take blood pressure and cholesteral medication. I exercise and do weight training, something I have done most of my life.

Any suggestions?


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