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Degenerative Disc Disease: Is it a normal part of aging?

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:32pm

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

Images[2]Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) of the spine is very common. In fact...some experts say it' s a normal part of the aging process.

My opinion is this...disc degeneration occurs because of physical, chemical, and mental stresses (lifestyle choices) that the body is unable to adapt' s an adaptation...a response...just like any other degenerative condition.

When we put abnormal stresses on the spine from say years of poor posture, stress, lack of exercise, and a bad diet, or drugs and degenerates...and so does everything else in the body.

Sure, it' s possible to be in perfect health, have a normal bodyweight, a great diet, exercise frequently, and have good posture...and still have disc degeneration. It' s not only possible...but it' s fairly common...WHY?

Well,  discs wear abnormally when the spine is out of alignment, just like a tire wears abnormally when the front end of you car is out of alignment. This is why it' s SO important to make sure your spine is in it' s proper position (hint: Chiropractic). This alone can cause DDD.

And even if you are a picture of may have had an incident in your life (ever fall when you were a kid?) that caused a spinal bone to misalign, leading to abnormal wear and tear on a spinal disc...setting the stage for a serious spinal problem down the road...and you didn' t even know it.

Poor lifestyle choices and an unhealthy internal context would just make the problem worse...kind of like throwing gasoline on a fire. Everything matters...what you eat...what you you setup your workstation...the pillow you use...your exercise routine...your spinal hygiene...etc.

Sure, degenerative disc disease is common...but so are poor lifestyle choices. There is a direct correlation (in my opinion).

BOTTOM LINE: A healthy lifestyle and proper spinal alignment=A healthy spine.

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