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Degenerative Disc Disease and Exercise: It's Never Too Late For Weightlifting, No Matter How Old You Are

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

San Francisco Herniated Disk Pain Center Comments:

I know it's hard to imagine weightlifting if you are a senior citizen with multiple-level herniated disc secondary to aggressive spinal degeneration. But, please do not rule this out somewhere down the road. The objective of our non-surgical spinal regeneration program is to make your spine healthier, stronger, and more functional. We want to get you to the point where you can incorporate some weightlifting into your health maintenance program. There are just SO many positives that come from weight lifting, most notably, increased muscle mass and strength, and decreased body fat composition. There is also a decreased risk of osteoporosis due to increased bone density which results from weight lifting. It also helps to strengthen your joints and ligaments, making everything work better for longer. Here are the results of a study from the Arthritis Reading Room at John Hopkins University entitled " Arthritis and Exercise: All about Weightlifting". I have been weightlifting since I was 16 years old, and I plan to do it until I die. I know it will help keep me young. Your Spinal Regeneration program includes advice and consultation on resistance training. Of course we do not want to implement weightlifting too soon. But when the time is right, lets go for it. 


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