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could this be pinched nerve

Posted by madmaxxt

for almost a week i have been having shoulder and arm pain that justwont let up.most of the pain is in my right upper arm and seems to get worse when standing. it is not pain that comes and goes ,it is there pretty much all day.over the counter meds don't seem to help, the only relief is to sit or raise my arm above my times the pain is almost unbearable.
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Yes, sounds like something is pinched.  Just standing for a long period is allowing grvity to put pressure on the shoulders causing more pain.  Because of this I can tell it's pretty irritated.  Raising your arm over your head is taking pressure off the brachial plexus or, in other words the neves at the bottom of the neck and upper back, giving you some relief.  A good protocol of neck stretches and exercises will go a long way in improving this pressure.
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