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could pain on the left side of my body be a pinched nerve?

Posted by ashleydb

I have had pain in my left chest, left upper back, pain that seems to radiate from my chest to left arm and neck, left lower leg pain, and now headaches behind my left eye.  i have seen a cardiologist who says my heart is fine, also I have seen a pulmonoligist who says my lungs are fine, and also my  pcp several times who has done blood tests that he says are fine.  I dont know who else to see or ask, this has been going on about a year now and I m really getting tired of it, its to the point where i have anxiety when the chest pains come on and its starting to interfere with my day to day life, because im in pain and dont feel like doing much.  Any help would be great!
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I am sorry! I have the same problem too.No one knows what is wrong with me.This cause with anxeity too!I had all blood test done,x-ray of my chest,MRI of my brain.I tired of feeling this way.Plus  have hip dysplasia in both of mt hip.Is anyone out ther can give us an advice? I am despirate! Thanks.


I have the same problem pain threw entire left side and up to neck,jaw and face really annoying and also causes anxiety. Please help!
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