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could i have a pinched nerve

Posted by tina l.

my shoulder and neck and down my back hurt..i have numbness and weakness and tingling in the left hand pain all the time in the left arm and back and neck..i have limited range of motion which is getting worse..dr. thought it was a froze shoulder,he manipulated it ,but that wasn't it,still having same problems,had orthoscopic surgery done 3 years ago too..been in pain since the injury in 2006 i am desperate for answers,can't take the pain anymore..haven't been able to get the dr. to check the nerves..
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It is possible that you have a disc herniation or a disc bulge in the neck . Best to get this evaluated asap and get x-rays (probably you will need an mri). Cervical radiculopathy symptoms involve weakness of the muscles, shooting pains into the extremity, absence or assymetry of reflexes- and depending on the level that is affected, you will have different symptoms. Furthermore, neck pain can result that includes stiffness, loss of range of motion and muscle spasms. - NJ
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