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Could a pinched nerve in base of neck cause severe migrane type headache and nausea for days?

Posted by tiger scout

I have had a severe migrane type headache with stiff neck, cracking in the base of my neck and severe nausea for 5 days.  Could my neck be out of place or should I get checked for a pinched nerve? I take vigodin for the pain and have added a tylenol tablet. both wear off within 4 hours.  Shoulders, arms, back and legs ache and I have chills that come on suddenly through the night and wake up soaked from sweating.  Help.


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Yes, nerve impingements in the neck cause nausea and neck pain. It is a direct correlation most of the time. The best thing for you to do is get an exam from a Chiropractic Dr or Chiropractor. Call us at 253-852-1250 and visit us on the web at
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