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Correcting the abnormal curve in the neck is critical to heal Whiplash injuries.

Posted Sep 27 2010 5:07am

A Whiplash injury frequently causes change in the shape of the curve in the neck. The normal curve is a gentle, gradual c-shaped position with the curve extending toward the front of the neck. Frequently in whiplash injury’s the curve straightens and can even reverse causing pain and limited motion.

To fix the abnormal curve in the neck, active exercises is shown to be most useful. By doing active exercises, range of motion improves, strength improves, posture and balance improves and power, fitness and endurance changes for the better.

When the neck is exercised in the upright position, the abnormal curve improves and the strength and skills that are developed will transfer easily to normal daily activities.

Our office has a new piece of equipment which has been shown to quickly improve the abnormal curve and rehabilitate the area. Please call our office at 860-620-9523 to find out more about this.

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