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Core strengthening exercises can be done anywhere!

Posted Feb 18 2011 9:24am

Core strengthening exercises can be done anywhere, you don’t need fancy equipment or even a gym membership. You can even do without a gym ball but if you have one the work can get results faster.

Body weight core strengthening exercises include the plank, side bridges and abdominal crunches. These are the basic exercises to do even if you are on vacation. I suggest people work to hold the plank and side bridge position for 30 seconds and do them at least 2 times per day.

Core strengthening exercises can also be done effectively with a gym ball or medicine ball. Gluteal ball bridge or supine ball bridge are effective in working the buttocks and doing crunches on the ball helps you get a great stretch. If you want to build up arms, stability ball push-ups are great and even harder is to keep your feet on the ground and do the push up on the ball itself.

Band exercises for core strengthening are awesome because of the resistance available. Lateral band walking, band lunges, lat pulls, kneeling chops are just a few exercises which can be done within a small space.

All of these exercises are doable with various degrees of difficulty. If you would like more information about them visit my website at

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