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Constant dull nagging pain in should, hip and ribs. Feels like it has something to do with my breathing.

Posted by Jamie D.

I have a dull nagging pain in my ribs and shoulder constantly. I can describe it as a kind of "itch" inside me that can never be satisfied. It feels if it constricts my breathing. A few times I have twisted my back and shoulder into akward positions, while breathing deap breathes and it actually seemed to have helped. I could sleep, I could sing, I felt like I was breathing "right." I have seen many doctors, and they have not had any luck yet in treating me. Pain killers don't even help. The pain is so unbearable, that I can rarely sleep. It even drove me to the pointo of having a nervous breakdown. I have even contiplated committing suicide from the lack of sleep and constant anxiety and pain. I am only 21, please help me.
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