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Computers can cause chronic pain

Posted Jun 04 2010 4:42am

More and more I have patients that come to my office in chronic pain because of their computer position.  Neck pain, wrist and hand numbness, shoulder stress are very common to name a few.  Here is what I tell my chiropractic patients:

Setting-up your computer workstation to be a healthy environment is a key element in avoiding chronic pain and repetitive stress injuries. Monitor position, seat height, and elbow-wrist placement are the main elements of a ergonomically healthy design.

•Your chair seat height and the keyboard should be aligned so that when your hands are on the keyboard, your elbows are parallel to the floor. In other words, in an ergonomically efficient typing position, your elbows are neither above nor below the keyboard.
•Your wrists should be in a neutral position when typing, neither flexed nor extended. Chronic wrist flexion or extension will result in fatigue and overuse.
•Position your monitor or laptop display so your neck flexes slightly and your angle of gaze is directed downward about ten degrees.
•If you’re using a mouse, it should be close to the keyboard, so that good elbow alignment is maintained. You should not have to reach for the mouse. It should be right there

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