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Posted Jul 10 2010 5:11am

Just as the government has now decided to introduce competitive sports back into the schools an abstract submitted to The American Journal of Sports Medicine looks at the question of whether back pain in the young is associated with competitive sports.

We already know that the majority of British children are unfit but with competitive sports coming back it could help to get more children fitter. So, the last thing we want to know is that it can cause back problems!!!

The study hypothesises that students involved in competitive sports for a long time are more likely to experience back pain compared to the less competitive counterparts.

Student participants were split into three groups based on their participation in competitive sports and asked a series of questions.

The results indicated that the group with the highest level of participation in competitive sports experienced more back pain than the other groups.

The findings suggest that greater participation in competitive during youth may be associated with low back pain with the severity and frequency varying depending on the sport.

This certainly did not apply in my case as I was useless at most sports, but lets hope it doesn't stop us from at least trying for a gold in one sport or another.


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