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-Common Neck Conditions and the Nerve Level that Controls Them-

Posted Feb 10 2010 12:00am
A spinal nerve chart can be a valuable tool in understanding where your neck pain, headaches and other symptoms can be coming from. Pressure on the C1 nerve root, for example, may cause migraine headaches, insomnia, or dizziness.  If it’s the C2 nerve, then sinus problems, allergies, and earaches are common.  If it’s the third cervical nerve, then visual problems and neuralgia may be your problem.  C4 can cause hearing problems, and common colds.

C1-C7 Nerve Root Innervation    C5- sore throat, laryngitis, or hoarseness.  C6 is associated with neck pain or arm pain as well as C7 which may cause symptoms such as hand and finger numbness and tingling and bursitis. 

    Again, this is a very short and condensed list, but you get the idea.  Higher up in the spine is often more powerful because it’s closer to the brain where many nervous system impulses are present every second.  The lower neck tends to supply more of the arms, shoulders, and hand functions and therefore symptoms.  Keeping the lower neck in healthy position often eliminates neck and shoulder pain as well as symptoms into the arms. 

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