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Cold Laser Therapy: Pain Therapy with No Side Effects

Posted Aug 17 2012 10:09am

Treatment of pain uses different methods including medications like Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and alternative treatments like acupuncture. However, the use of medicine has many side effects on the body whereas acupuncture creates the fear of needle piercing, which is also an invasive treatment. Chiropractic laser therapy  is one of the evolving medical treatment techniques that has far less risks and side effects.


Cold laser therapy has been applied in the treatment of pain and inflammation. This type of laser treatment uses low-intensity beam light that stimulates the body to release endorphins, which are small protein molecules produced in the cells of your nervous system and other parts of the body, and help in relieving body pain.


Endorphins work with sedative receptors that are well known for relieving common pain. Cold lasers help the body heal naturally and also increase the flow of blood. They also help in the healing of soft tissue and myriad injuries and in stimulating acupuncture points. The use of  cold laser therapy  has gained a solid reputation in the management of different types of pain such as arthritis pain as well as post-operative pain and swelling.


Combing the use of colder lasers in both the healing of wounds and relieving of pain and inflammation creates a safer and low-risk treatment of light wound-induced pain. Laser therapy helps stimulate the body’s cell functioning, which aids in the natural healing of body tissues. Although the use of laser beams can affect the eye, there are many protective measures that are adhered to by the chiropractors when they use the equipment.


Both the chiropractor and the patient can wear goggles in order to prevent direct eye contact with the light beam and therefore it is very safe to use. If you are seeking cold laser therapy for pain, you can consult a professional chiropractic wellness medical practitioner to help with the procedure.


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