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Coccydynia - tail bone pain or coccyx pain

Posted Feb 05 2010 1:03pm

Coccydynia is something you don't often hear mentioned much with regards to back pain and according to Spine Health "is a fairly rare and relatively poorly understood condition".

It causes persistant pain at the very bottom of your spine when you are sitting downor any activity that puts pressure on the bottom are of the spine.

I suffered from it really badly for some years and it was only getting a second opinion on my pain that I saw someone who said he could treat me for it and explained that I was suffering from Coccydynia.

I am pretty convinced that my injury came from someone pulling my chair from beneath me when I went to sit on it at school and it can also apparantly be caused by giving birth!!

I had tried all the usual drug treatmentsice packs and heat packs and bought myself a coccyx cushion to use whenever I travelled anywhere but I honestly just thought it was another pain that I just had to deal with.

What I had no idea about until I read this article is that the surgery for this complaint is rarely performedand the procedure is not even included in most spine surgery textbooks. While the surgery itself is a relatively straight forward operationrecovery can be long and uncomfortable.

The pain after the surgery was awful but only lasted for a matter of weeks but looking at the type of surgery they do nowmine was quite different. The article said that they remove part of or all of your coccyx bone but I actually had mine manipulated under general anaesthetic.

And as far as sitting for long periods nowI do still need my cushion especially when travelling but I can "manage" this pain whereas before I really struggled with it.

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