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Chronic Low Back Pain Relieved by Frequent Exercise

Posted Jun 30 2009 5:30pm

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

Weight training for back pain One of the most common conditions we treat at Executive Express Chiropractic in downtown San Francisco is chronic low back pain. Chronic means the patient has had the back pain for over 3 months.

Many chronic back pain patients tell us they have gained weight (further aggravating the problem)during this period because they have been unable to exercise...which as it turns out, may be what they should have been doing more of.

According to a  University of Alberta back pain study, those chronic low back pain patients that worked out 4 days per week, had a better quality of life, with less pain, and less disability than those who exercised less...say 2 days per week.

So, it' s not just exercise that benefits chronic low back' s frequent exercise...with weights.

The article talks about how these findings go against the grain in the sense that most would consider frequent exercise an activity that would make chronic back pain worse.

The findings were presented at the American College of Sports Medicine conference in Seattle, WA.

I have been working out with weights for over 30 years...typically I hold back when I have back pain (which is rare)...but I do not have chronic back pain. For acute back pain (a new episode) I would not recommend frequent exercise with weights...which would mos likely make the pain worse.  But for chronic back pain...the findings speak for themselves. However, I would do this under the guidance of a doctor and a personal trainer to make sure the exercise program makes sense.

If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for care at Executive Express Chiropractic at the SF Embarcadero Center, please call 415-392-2225 orrequest an appointment online.

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