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Chronic Back Pain Relief – the best cure

Posted Sep 27 2009 1:35pm

I was asked by a patient recently, “what is the best chronic back pain relief“.

It is simple really; don’t let back pain become chronic. If you deal with your back pain when it first occurs, then chronic back pain will never occur.

Simple really, but for those with chronic back pain, not much help at all.

If you already are suffering with long term chronic back pain, then the answer is still very simple. You need to treat your back pain as if it was an acute episode.

Your body will always try to correct acute conditions. If you fall down and hurt your back more, the acute pain will settle but you are left with the lingering chronic back pain.

If your body believes pain to be normal it will not try to remove it. This is what happens with any chronic health complaint. Your body has accepted this as a common occurrence and has decided to not fight it.

You need to treat your back as if it was an acute episode.

To do this you must follow 5 simple steps…

First you need to identify exactly what is happening. What distortion patterns that exist in you spine. If you know where these are you have a target to focus on.

Then you need to remove any trigger points. These tender spots in your muscles can cause a lot of your pain. They can be sitting there for years without you noticing them. They can stiffen joints and refer pain.

Then you must balance your muscular system by reducing tension in tight muscles and building strength in the weak muscles. Strength improving must also include stimulating the nerve and blood supply to your muscles.

Next there is balancing your joints, especially your pelvis. The pelvis is the foundation to your spine and must be balanced if you want long term chronic back pain relief.

The last step is simple, you must keep using these techniques to become a habit. Chronic back pain is a habit and to remove that you must form a new improved habit.

To achieve this you need to use techniques regularly even once pain has gone to make sure your back stays in balance if not pain will return.

Chronic back pain relief is simple, change the bad habits to good, with the 5 simple steps.

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