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Chiropractors give neck exercises to reduce neck pain.

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:04pm 1 Comment

In my Chiropractic office we treat a lot of neck injuries along with headaches and other problems that start at the top of the spine. We find a lot of weak muscles which cause instability and perpetuate the problems the patient has come in for. The neck is the most flexible part of your spine and just like any other area of the body, movement exercises and good postures are important to maintain its health. Neck pains can be brought on or aggravated by how you treat this vital structure. We often neglect our neck when it comes to exercises, focusing instead on our legs or heart. So try these helpful hints and incorporate them into your daily routine.
Exercising your neck by slowly moving it through all its ranges is key. It is important to do pure movements rather than combinations, rolling the neck around like a ball and socket joint (such as the hip or shoulder) is to be avoided. What I find is that if there is any joint in the neck that are not working perfectly, combination movements can further jam these joints. Instead, flex the neck forward until your chin touches the top of your chest. Then, slowly bend your neck backwards, chin to the sky. These movements should not cause pain if they are done slowly and you have no  pre-existing injury but of course if there is any pain you should discontinue the movement and have your neck evaluated.
The next neck exercise that chiropractor encourage is movement side to side bending and is accomplished by trying to bend either ear towards the shoulder. Do this in front of a mirror so that you keep your head straight looking forward. Note whether you can do this movement the same amount to each side. This is a great exercise to stretch the side neck muscles as well as the tight ligaments and tendons.
The last movement is rotation. Simply rotate your chin slowly so that you are looking over one shoulder. None of these movements should cause pain or make you dizzy. If they do, then it’s a sign you have a neck injury and need to be seen by a chiropractor or other physician. Again, note if you can do the same amount of movement to the right and left.
An important aspect of neck function is how the shoulder girdle influences neck posture and motion. Try rolling your shoulders forwards and backwards, stretching slowly, to help ease tension at the neck. General exercises such as fast paced walking or hiking are important for your neck too. Remember, your spine is the core of your body and walking is one of the least “injury-producers,” something you can keep up well into your later years.
Lastly, make sure your neck posture is kept upright when you are talking on the phone, driving, reading, doing other tasks, or sleeping. A very small pillow is usually best for sleeping and neck support pillows are available to help maintain the normal forward arch of the neck. A small pillow will allow your head to ease back, relaxing the muscles at the back of the neck.

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Hey Carol, thank you for sharing this wonderful post on board. I am myself a chiropractor and loved the content and the information in the post. Do keep up the good work and keep posting such stuff.
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