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Chiropractors are excellent to help design summer exercise programs

Posted Jun 18 2010 5:01am

Summer is the time to be outdoors and exercising and as a chiropractor, I see the results of this. Summer is the time to be active but it’s important to get prepared for all this activity to ensure we can have fun all summer long.

What happens to many of us if we don’t have a summer exercise program designed by a Chiropractor, is a range of unwelcome injuries – muscle pulls, tendon strains, ankle sprains, or worse. These injuries are unexpected and most unwelcome. They may restrict our activities for several weeks and interfere with our summer plans and summer fun.

The solution is preparation  with a summer exercise program designed by your Chiropractor. If you’re older than 25, the reality is you have to prepare for physical activity. And even if you’re younger than 25, it’s still smart to prepare.  Our office specializes in designing programs with your lifestyle in mind.  Call our office at 860-620-9523 or visit our website at to see the kind of programs we recommend.

Regular exercise during the week will prepare you for all your weekend summer fun.  One of the most important benefits of regular exercise relates to training your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints to do physical work. Exercise teaches your muscles to support heavy loads, and exercise teaches your joints how to handle mechanical stresses throughout their full ranges of motion.

The result is you’re able to play your sports and do your activities full out. You’re already pre-prepared by the exercise you’ve done during the week.

Now this doesn’t imply you can go out on the tennis court and start serving at 100 miles per hour. Nor can you start your Saturday morning run at full speed. Nor can you start spiking balls over the volleyball net in the first five minutes of your practice game.

It’s still important to warm-up and get into the rhythm of the activity or game. Loosen up and get all the parts moving before reaching your peak. And be sure to do some cool-down activities afterward. For most of us, the cool-down is just as important as the activity itself. Cooling-down helps us build muscle tone and improves flexibility, so our sports performance and skill level can continue to develop and improve.

Your chiropractor will be glad to help you design an exercise program that will work for you and help ensure a summer of fun!3

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