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Chiropractic Therapy and Golf: Reducing Pain for More Enjoyable Playing

Posted Jan 15 2011 5:36am

Most people typically see golf as a leisure sport for the rich or well-to-do. Along with that perception is the view that golf is something that is relaxing and can be done easily without too much physical effort. However, this is somewhat an erroneous view. Golf gives a workout to the entire body. Any golfer can confirm that playing golf can result in grave injuries. Golfers use muscle groups in both the lower and upper parts of the body. These muscles can get strained sometimes, specifically in those who have not yet perfected golf and are beginners in playing. The long time it takes for golf to finish, in conjunction with the long periods of standing in the green, adds strain to the body. All these factors can result in pain and even injuries.

This is where chiropractic therapy comes in. Chiropractic therapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses spinal manipulation to enhance the health of the spine. This leads to an improved nervous system, which then results in the enhancement of the general health of a person. Chiropractic therapy is an excellent option for relieving the pain and pressure in the muscles and joints that result from playing golf. Chiropractors do not employ medications and instead utilize special exercises that strengthen the muscles and improve the natural capability of the body to heal itself.

The most usual disorder of golfers is back pain. This pain is typically experienced during or after a game and may even occur on days when the golfer is not even playing. The golf swing utilizes the lower back more than any part of the body, resulting in the straining of the muscles in the lower back. In turn, this causes lower back pain.

To solve back pain, the chiropractic therapists makes the patient do a series of exercises with the goal of strengthening the lower back, hip muscles, and gluts. These muscles become more flexible through the exercises and the risk of suffering pain is reduced. These exercises will also decrease the likelihood of suffering an injury during play and enhances endurance, leading to longer play and practice sessions.

Along with improving muscle strength and flexibility, chiropractic therapy also enhances blood circulation, vitality, and lactic acid elimination. These benefits make chiropractic therapy a sound and very effective approach in preventing pain and injuries related to playing golf.

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