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Chiropractic Care Is Changing Millions Of Lives Everyday

Posted Jan 04 2011 10:29am

Most people may not realize that a misaligned spine can be the source of many other physical ailments that may seem unrelated. Believe it or not, anything from suspected allergies to frequent recurring colds can be caused by subluxations.

Although alternative medicine can be downplayed or even condemned by mainstream medicine, millions of satisfied patients who lead productive and pain free lives testify to the success of chiropractic treatments. Those wishing to find a chiropractor and live under the care of a licensed chiropractor will discover the benefits that will ensue. In addition to relief for common back and neck pain, chiropractic care can yield better sleep, fewer seasonal illnesses, and better concentration.

Sleep is the primary way the human body can restore itself through cell turnover and optimal brain function. However, when sleep is frequently disrupted or when a person cannot sleep for more than a few short hours, every body system will be negatively affected. If your sleep is disturbed due to aches and pain a doctor of chiropractic can help. When spinal problems are restored to normal, many people report a marked improvement in their quantity of sleep. In addition, chiropractors can also offer nutritional and ergonomic advice that can help improve the quality of your sleep.

When abnormal pressure is placed on nerves around the spinal column due to vertebral subluxations, the nervous system is compromised therefore the immune system cannot respond as it should when bacteria or viruses invade. When the spine is put back into alignment, the nerves return to their prior sensitivity and the nervous system is released from pressure, the immune system is once again able to function properly. As many as 85% of people receiving chiropractic care report far fewer illnesses such as colds or influenza than the general population.

The body is a miraculous, fine tuned instrument in which body systems communicate and work together in harmony. Even though as people age, one or more systems begin to experience problems; the body is resilient enough to continue functioning. However, chiropractors believe that there is no need to accept declining health, concentration, loss of flexibility, or other age related issues. Proper alignment allows the body’s communication systems to be opened, thus, allowing proper blood and nerve flow to the corresponding body parts.

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