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Chiropractic care for pregnancy can result in easier deliveries.

Posted May 09 2011 8:11am

If you are pregnant and want the best birth possible, Chiropractic can help. You know it is up to you to watch your diet, take your vitamins, exercise and gor for regular check ups. This includes ongoing Chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care can ease your discomfort and address any previous spinal misalignment to allow for an easier delivery. Many Chiropractors see pregnant moms that have been under chiropractic care have great deliveries because it allow the baby to get into the best position for birth.

During pregnancy, the moms nervous system is busy building another human being, so it is important to maintain the health of that nervous system. Many expectant moms who see a chiropractor do so because of back pain. For every 10 pounds of weight gained, 150 pounds of pressure is put onto the low back.

But even if you are not experiencing back pain, Chiropractic care can make sure the loosening joints stay in proper alignment especially if there was a previous problem. And for example, a pelvic misalignment can cause a uterine imbalance, which will affect the baby’s position.

And Chiropractors agree that once the baby is born, follow-up care is important as well to help guide the stretched joints back to the normal position as the ligament re-tighten up.

For more information regarding chiropractic and its safety during pregnancy, visit

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