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Chiropractic can be beneficial to patients with osteoporosis.

Posted Aug 10 2009 4:22pm

A 48 year old patient came in to see me in my Chiropractic office recently and told me that she was just diagnosed with osteoporosis. She was quite concerned and wanted to know if she has arthritis. I realized that many people get the words osteoporosis and osteoarthritis mixed up. Both are common conditions and both will cause pain, but they require different treatments.

This patients medical doctor had prescribed a bone building medication for the osteoporosis and also advised her to take 1500 mg of Calcium and 800 mg of Vitamin D. I added 1,000 mg of magnesium and digestive enzymes to improve the absorption. We also discussed a weight bearing exercise program which will stimulate bone building activity.

I have also found that Chiropractic manipulation can help arthritic joints by increasing the joint mobility. Joint that can move will pump away any swelling and the stiffness is reduced. This decreased stimulation of the pain nerve fibers in the joints making the patient more comfortable. I give the patients the analogy that their joints are like rusty hinges and that a little “WD40″ and a few “wacks with a hammer” gets that rusty hinge moving and if kept moving will work better.  The arthritis or “rust” doesn’t go away but the joint works better.

If a patient has osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, very gentle techniques are used which we are very skilled at here at Grant Chiropractic Health Center.  Click on this link to see some of the gentle techniques we use.

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