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Chinese dragon boat festival handcraft 07/12

Posted Jul 12 2013 2:39am


Royal receptions and functions are held here to  China tourism  showcase its quality archirtecture. The palace was converted as a museum worth seeing. It is open from 10 am to 5 in the afternoon.Kanch Mandir/ Glass TempleKanch Mandir Temple is a temple made of mirrors. It is also called the Seth Hukumchand Temple. The colorful Jain Temple has a beautiful shrine with intricate patterns and glass paintings. The 21 images of Lord Mahavir correspond to the 21 Jain Thiethankaras.Bada GanapatiBada Ganpati was built in 1875.

The best time to visit Chongqing "#IKO712" is from March to November. The following give you the detail information about weather of Chongqing in four seasons.

Spring is a recommended season to visit Chongqing, but the early spring is still cold and foggy. In late spring, it often rains at night. Spring is also the time when orange blossoms bloom. It is suitable time to visit Chongqing in late spring

Chongqing is well knowns as one of the "Three Furnaces" along with Wuhan and Nanjing, Chongqing. The summer here are long and it is the most hottest and most humid in China. Summer is not a good time to visit Chongqing unless you can bear the hot weather. But the weather in the late weather begins to turn

It is the home of the largest statue  Beijing tour  of Ganapati. It was made up of brass, gold,  Lhasa attractions  silver, copper and iron together with limestone, bricks, jaggery and mud from elephants and horses.Indore abounds with many tourist attractions. Throughout the years, this has made an outstanding impact on the region's culture and the society. The city is being rewarded because of its bolstering Tourism industry and the commercial achievements of its people.

Sightseeing In New York Seeing the NYC Sights SafelyIf you need to access hidden money or  China travel packages  count your money, find a private place like a restroom.?so it is not necessary to carry a ton of cash when sightseeing in New York.

You can learn more about GuiLin tour:  Guilin travel  |  Guilin travel guide

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