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chest hurts when i move neck, no pain in meck

Posted by cliffyballs

i have been working out for almost a year now, yesterday i was streching my chest/back i took my right arm across my body and i felt something in the middle of my right pec pop it felt like when you pop your knuckles. Now if i move my neck side ways (paralle to the ground) that part of my chest hurts, also when i am trying to look behind me while driving it hurts. When i move my arm no real pain
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I am experiencing the same thing, my friend has two daughters, younger but can be heavy lifting if your not used to it like me, well I have been around them alot lately looking after them and one morning I woke up and my chest had this pain I have never experienced. It hurt only when I moved my neck parallel to the ground like you, and when I moved my shoulders. Driving brings discomfort as well. For five nights I have gone to bed feeling better then I woke up and that my chest pain had finally faded away or was bareable to sleep with but, every night I wake up 4-5 times in the night because of the chest pain. The only time I am at comfort during the day is when I am not in motion. I think it definitely has to do with my muscles in my chest or shoulder area. Because the pain does not seem like a heart problem. I definitely can relate to your pain, I'm hoping it's muscle tightening or a pinched nerve. But I will definitely know as of tomorrow, going to see my doctor. If you keep experiencing these pains I would too go see a doctor, perhaps meds can help us!
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