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cheap dre beats Russia's emphasis on regional security, China's emphasis on economy

Posted Dec 26 2012 2:58am

The U.S. state department spokesman Victoria newland 10, at present the United States and venezuela to eliminate the possibility of exchange ambassadors, and wishes to Cuba cancer therapy of Venezuelan President Hugo chavez "recover as soon as possible".

Newland in regular news conference of the state council, said the United States wants in drug-fighting, counter-terrorism, the rule of law and trade and other issues of common concern with the government of venezuela on as far as possible to carry out "the best communication", but the United States at present with Cheap Beats By Dre venezuela to exchange ambassadors. She also said that, once the chavez health conditions do not allow him to continue to govern the country, the United States hopes to succeed problems can follow venezuela constitution solved.

In the answer about whether the United States hope Hugo chavez "early rehabilitation" questions, newland said: "as to like him sick others, we hope so."

Chavez 8 late speak on television, that 9 to Havana in surgery, and said if he is unable to continue as President position, hope everyone support vice President nicolas maduro perform the President responsibility.

Mr Chavez, and years in October was elected President again. According to the constitution of venezuela, if he were six years before the new term of four years, it must be left to hold a presidential election.

Mr Chavez in June of last year for the first time in Cuba surgery remove pelvic tumors. He had said in July, after a series of treatment, he has recovered completely.

Mr Chavez has been jointly attacked the United States policy, the beautiful relationship in recent years also more nervous, the two countries have in September 2008, the recall of ambassador to each other.

Lavrov said: "(relationship) will keep continuity. In the past ten years, the relations between the two countries in various fields have been unprecedented strengthening. He said that Russia to China's economic strength and international status rise do not feel worried. "We hold to the international situation exactly the same view." As part of the permanent members of the security council has consistently advocated to ensure that the law in international politics supreme status.

The sound of Russian radio website on December 7, articles 】 as part of the balance (the author Russian academy of sciences, deputy director of the institute of the far east sergei Lou JiaNing)

As part of cooperation is gradually development, has become a world geopolitical areas and certain areas. This is partly thanks to China to become "the world powers" plan, part is the responsibility of the United States, the United States from east Asia to all parts of the cheap beats Arab world was significantly increased the activities strength. To counter the old "the world", a "Chinese world" is gradually formed, although the boundary and recognition time temporarily are still not clear, but the process has been launched, in which Russia also holds a place.

As is known to all, the two powers to America's strategy and critical values, including Syria crisis, some problems are actively using nuggets countries, sco organization and the United Nations security council and cooperation mechanism. Of course, "contain" the United States is not, can not be the only two countries global cooperation purpose, and the two sides also apparently do not have the intention of partnership itself into some kind of meaning was more widely, in view of the "third country" alliance. Ideology league era has become the past, but there are also the parties to the growing interest, especially a rising China.

Anyway, to China, and the United States, the European Union, Japan and other series of the country is different, Russia is not only a profound political conflict with China country. Beijing are a clear understanding, and are concerned about this, the future is that more active to Russia "attract" into their global "game". On Russia's speaking, this kind of attraction and for status is good in general. Because of its geopolitical bonus can make up for the part of the Russian economy behind. Moreover, alone to counter the global machine is very difficult.

For China, sco organization is the current and future regional integration bridge, is the source of energy, is the new sales and investment market. Perhaps, Beijing and Moscow also won't against sco organization within the framework of informal professional division of labor: cheap dre beats Russia's emphasis on regional security, China's emphasis on economy and trade, investment and transport fields of cooperation.

In the south China sea and east China sea islands dispute, part of cooperation is very difficult. If from the kremlin spread in the diaoyu islands issue and support China's opposition to Japan's territorial claims "of news, the well will certainly anomaly joy. In return, Beijing would be NaQianDao islands (Japan says the contrived northern territories -- this note) problem support Moscow. Published in China on the map, NaQianDao islands are only to be defined as "temporary was Russia occupied land".

Russian leaders have not been beats by dre cheap this "you come to me to" inspired. This is correct, because no matter from the historical point of view, or in international law level look, NaQianDao islands with the diaoyu islands are completely different problems. Russia also have no reason to involved in the dispute. Many western experts objectively pointed out that Russia's any intervention can make "conflict internationalization", thus for the U.S. aid their Japanese ally provide greater reason.

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