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Cervical Herniation PT vs spinal fusion

Posted by Cyn

Dr. Durnin,

I appreciate your frank responses.  I have been told that I have two herniated discs in my neck and that spinal fusion is the answer for me.  I dont want it.  It has only been 2.5 months since the excruciating pain hit and I've been in PT ever since.  The nerve test was done and it showed me at a +1 in two areas of my left arm.  My PT guys said that I had one of the more compressed nerves that he has worked with and still had weakness so he might considered the surgery if he were me.  Two neurosurgeons have suggested surgery (not demanded it).  The pain has greatly subsided and I only occassionally feel the tingling in my left hand.  I feel that I have more discomfort in my neck than I do in my arm.  I saw my original orthopedic doctor last week and she said go for the surgery or risk further nerve damage.  THEN she did a few manual tests for weakness (and said I didnt have it any more) and then she had me look left and then right and pressed down on the top of my head saying I would feel a sharp pain if my nerve was still compressed.  No pain.  After that, she said give PT another month before I schedule surgery.

I am trying a new PT person this week.  I dont want my head in traction anymore. 

Do you have additional suggestions?

thank you!

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