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Cause/Fix for back pain...

Posted by Ryann P. Facebook

for approx. a year i've had moderate to severe pain (depending on medication/time of day/activity during day) on the left side of my back, mostly in the thorasic area, but specifically to the left of my spine.
The main area, is below my shoulder blade, imagine a backwards "L", with the end angle of the "L" ending at my spine.
So, anyway, its a constant sharp aggravating pain, and limits my abilty to basically all everyday activities, turn my wheel in my car, type on a computer, walk around for more than 10 minutes or so,be active during the day, stand for more than 10 minutes, rotate my upper torso, open doors, apply pressure to my left side, sleep on my left side. My left arm also frequently goes numb, and I experience frequent sharp, shooting pain down my left arm, usually along the bottom side.
I've been speaking with my doctor about this, and have had 12 x-rays, and 2 MRI's for this. The only thing seen on the MRI was a bulging disc in the c-4/c-5 vertebrae, but it's off to the right side.
I've been doing physical therapy for almost two months, I also have a TENS unit I use on occasion, though it rarely helps. The PT helps, in some rare occasions, but usually only when my therapist does traction.
Does anyone have ANY idea what this could possibly be, or what can be done to fix it?
If you have any extra questions, please ask...
The pain has taken a huge toll on my life, I've been out of work for two months, and am very limited in my day to day abilities...
Thank you!
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Ryann, have you done a course of neck traction for this during physical therapy. It sounds like you might have had some relief with that. If that helped, I would recommnd continuing  the traction at home. - Nav
There may be several reasons that may have lead to the condition you are in now. A detailed study of your reports of tests would decide that. But anyways, I would suggest you to try accupressure or massage therapy to help all your body organs, muscles and bones to function properly. I think it would help.
Hey Ryann, why don't go for physiotherapy which can be helpful for you to get some relief or go for body massage as suggested by Dr. Micheal Berry to feel better, since the reason for your back problem is unknown to you so its little difficult for anyone to suggest you any remedy, though as suggested by many Yoga has helped to cure pain related problem.
As I had suggested earlier that you could get a massage therapy or accupressure done which will give you relief from the back pain but I would also like to suggest that you should consult a chiropractor who will be able to adjust your spine by applying simple pressures of the hand to give you relief from your back pain.I am sure you will find this a very  
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