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Cauda Equina Syndrome

Posted Sep 06 2008 12:00am 3 Comments
Cauda Equina Syndrome is something that my physio told me to be watchful about when I was first diagnosed with herniated discs and sciatica in both legs from hip to toes.

I was really worried about it but it is relatively rare. I did not ever experience cauda equina syndrome but I was glad I knew the symptoms. It is however useful to equip yourself with knowledge about it so if you get any symptoms you take swift action.

I was horrified to read on a forum recently that a man had low back pain and was suffering loss of bladder control for over a week and had not yet been to see his doctor about it! If you do experience the symptoms listed please seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional quickly.

Very good useful information on causes, presentation, management, investigations, complications and prognosis of this condition at website

Cauda Equina Syndrome
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Just because you go see a doctor doesn't mean that you will get proper treatment.   

While on a business trip, I went to the ER of a famous hospital outside Boston. On my second visit, I got a plastic urinal to take back to the hotel as I was having bladder problems. On my 3rd visit, I got booted out after I punched out when they tried to do an MRI. On my 4th visit, I was going to get thrown out again, until I asked the doctor if I could get the sheets changed as they were soaked with urine.  I got the MRI and ended up getting flown home as there was a question of insurance and I could get the surgery done at home just as soon as I could get it done at the famous hospital.

 Really screwed up my life. 

I haven't been active on CES issues for many years. But the best source then (and probably now) is CESSG.

Best resource for CES -- as of a few years ago.


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