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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Maybe...Maybe Not

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:33pm

San Francisco Chiropractor and Carpal Tunnel Doctor Comments:

Mdl0331 It's very common for patients with arm or hand pain to be told they have carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). CTS has pretty much become a "catch all phrase" for doctors and therapists to use for non-specific hand/wrist pain. 

And the treatment has been the same for years...wrist splints and Motrin. If that doesn't work, maybe cortisone injections. a last resort, carpal tunnel release surgery.

Well...that's all well and good if the problem is in fact carpal tunnel syndrome. Actually, it's not well and good. There are nonsurgical, drugless treatment methods that have great success with textbook CTS...such as chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy...that should be considered my biased opinion.

But, there are also other conditions that cause the same symptoms you get when you have CTS. The nerve that is compressed in the wrist when someone has true carpal tunnel is called the median nerve


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