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Carpal Tunnel

Posted Nov 06 2008 9:44pm

Discover What Many Doctors Don’t Know About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:


Don’t you wish your wrist and hand pain would just GO AWAY!   You are probably confused about what you can do to eliminate your carpal tunnel pain.   Should you do surgery?   Should you wear a brace every night?   What is the RIGHT choice!?


Many doctors don’t know the hidden spots to check as the cause of your pain.   They may be unaware that wearing wrist splints and taking pills probably isn’t a good idea if you want to get rid of carpal tunnel syndrome once and for all.   Research is also showing that there is a significant failure rate in carpal tunnel surgery.   So, prepare yourself for how you can naturally and safely get rid of your wrist pain now.


Carpal tunnel syndrome is a sneaky, potentially disabling epidemic that is sweeping America as we speak.   Many of your family, friends, and co-workers will experience the same numbness and tingling you do because of a number of factors including misinformation and inappropriate care.   That’s why I am writing this column…so keep reading to find out what many doctors don’t know about this syndrome.


You see, what’s so dangerous about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is that it’s not an injury like a broken bone or a cut or scrape.   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome comes on slowly.   You don’t notice it at first, or maybe you just brush off the pain thinking it’s nothing, and then it slowly builds and builds.   You start feeling numbness and tingling.   It gets harder to type.   You become more irritable.   You start taking pills to get through the day.


         Wrist pain, weakness, and numbness are tricky conditions.   You see, your wrist pain can have a number of causes and some of those causes aren’t even in your wrist at all!   Because many doctors don’t know where these places are, they assume that since your PAIN is in your wrist, the problem is solely in your wrist and focus on that.


Every day, thousands of wrist pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome victims make the mistake of going to the wrong doctor because they don’t know the information you’re about to read. Going to an inappropriate doctor may result in your wrist pain becoming more severe, and worse yet, you may never get out of pain, or you may receive unnecessary surgery. Don’t put yourself at risk for misery, suffering, and the decreased income from missing time from work.


The main problem with the kind of treatments many doctors give for conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is that they never go after the root of the problem, but focus on the symptoms, in your case; numbness, tingling, and other irritating pains.   And when these treatments wear off (which they do), you’ll often find they only cover up your pain for a short time and did nothing to fix what’s causing your pain in the first place.


     See, pain relievers like Motrin, aspirin, and Tylenol will never cure your wrist pain or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! What they do is disable a chemical in your body that tells your brain you’re in pain (cortisone shots work almost in the same way).   It’s like wearing earplugs to avoid a sound.   While this may be okay once in a while, using these pain relievers can only make your condition worse in the long run in many ways.


Since none of the treatments your doctor may be giving you are meant to actually correct the true cause of your problem, logic says your condition will only get worse.   You’ll be wearing your wrist splint longer and longer, and your pills will have to get stronger and stronger.   If you’re like most of the people I’ve talked to who have suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for a long time, your life has probably become less than it should be.


If you would like to discover the easiest way to eliminate the true cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Dr. Gray can help.   He will be presenting seminar on Monday, February 18 th, where he will give you an in-depth look at what is causing your pain and how you can naturally and safely eliminate it.   To reserve your seat, call the 24 hour recorded message at 1-800-715-6679 OR go to for details.   Seating is LIMITED, so reserve your seat NOW.


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