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can u tell wht does chronic pain on the left shoulder neck and upper arm indicate

Posted by sututu

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Have you had any injuries to the neck or shoulder area such as a motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall? Even repetetive motions / improper postures can cause pain as well over time.  If not treated properly, degeneration can occur in the neck and the shoulder joint. This can be a source of pain.

If you have a arm pain, that can also be due to a disc bulge or herniated disc. Cervical foraminal stenosis also can cause impingement of one nerve root on one side of the spine causing neck pain that develops over time. This type of spinal stenosis is caused by wear and tear /age related changes in the joints of the neck (facet joints) or in and around the disc areas. This can be diagnosed by a cervical MRI, a special type of x-ray that can show you what is going on at the disc level.

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