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Can the “Murse” cause Neck Pain?

Posted Mar 09 2011 12:00am

That’s the Man Purse, by the way.  I was flipping channels yesterday when I happened to catch the news clip on how the murse (man purse) might contribute to back pain.  Images

            What I can say is that definitely carrying a large, heavy bag or heavy back pack can agitate the body.  The man purse I have seen  is smaller, like a hip pack of sorts that you carry on the arm.  This shouldn’t cause any problems, but the bottom line is that carrying anything like this, that is way too heavy or that changes you posture daily, will cause some problems.  Sometimes that problem is back pain, maybe it’s neck pain, shoulder pain, or eventually even spinal degeneration. 

            What I have often seen in the office are women who have a huge, heavy purse pulling down on their neck and shoulder everyday.  This tends to pull the shoulder down on that side and shift the cervical spine towards that side.  That continued spine shift or nerve pressure in the neck adds to cervical degeneration .  We also find that often the shoulder one is carrying their handbag on can be high on that side because the individual pulls that shoulder up to hold her bag.  The muscles of that side of the neck and shoulder become shortened and tight causing similar pains and problems. 

            Another issue we often see is kids with a back pack that’s too heavy.  I think the average is about 30-40 lbs of weight on their back.  Try carrying around 40 lbs on your back for most of the day and see how that feels!

            So one simple thing to do to prevent back pain or neck and shoulder pain is to limit the weight of what we’re carrying around everyday.  Try your best to educate your kids too with their book bags and back packs. 

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