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can shoulder muscle spasms make your hand and fingers numb?

Posted by susi

 I woke up last week unable to turn my head with severe pain in my left shouder blade and neck. then my arm started to ache and now my middle. pointer and thumb are numb. My family doc, said it's muscle spasms but I've been on the relaxers for a week and its getting worse??
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I'm currently going through the same thing. Apparently nerves that pass from the neck down through the arms and hands are getting 'mashed'  as they pass through the excessively tight shoulder muscles. I am massaging shoulders like crazy to try and get rid of the knots that have already formed, and hope that the relaxants I have just started will stop more spasms from occurring again, breaking the agonising pain and tension cycle I have been experiencing for the past three months, since straining my neck and shoulders :(
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