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can pulling down hard on something cause muscle spasms in the tailbone ad buttock area?

Posted by Sandy

I am a 62 yr old female.  I was pulling down on some limbs of a tree to cut them off closer to the trunk of the tree and later that evening and now for a week, I can barely walk.  The pain is in the coxyx area, right side and the entire buttock on that side.  The pain is deep and feels like the muscle is seizing up as a "charliehorse" feels.  Extreme pain.  Does not hurt when sitting but getting up, walking or reaching causes the painful spasms.  The doctor put me on a Medral pack (prednisone) for five days plus Flexerill and it helped for a few days and not the pain is back big time.  I need some advice on what I can do to heal myself.  I have to work and it is very difficult.  Thank You.

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