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can pain in your upper back and chest cause pain in your leg too?

Posted by K A. Facebook

sorry I didnt know exactly what to ask in one is my story. while standing and bending over several times (splashing water in creek) i went to bend over and felt something "pop" in the center of my chest. I was having a little bit of pain in my back also, but mainly in chest. and each time i would bend over i felt pressure. I went to the urgent care clinic and they did not x-ray (no insurance) but did listen to lungs, etc. and said i had a chest contusion, gave me steroid pack and ibuprofen (800mg) and sent me home to rest a few days. It is getting better, but then exactly a week later another symptom has arose. When I woke up, and started to stand, I had severe pain from my hip/buttock area going down the back of my right leg. It has not stopped and i dont know what to do. When I try to stand, the pain is like a pulling pain, drawing my leg, and i have to force to straighten it. but the more i walk on it, the better it feels and the pain goes away until i sit or lay for a while and then try to stand again. Would this be associated with the chest contusion or just a muscle in hip/buttock area? Like I said before, i have not insurance at this time. I am on disablilty, but must wait until march for medicare to start, cannot get medicaid cause my husband makes a little too much money, but the company he works for is small and doesnt offer insurance, and I cant buy insurance because of pre-existing conditions, and the ones that will accept my conditions charge so much we cant afford it. So any and all help is greatly appreciated! thanks! 

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