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can osteopenia of the spine cause sever and chronic muscle spasms in the neck?

Posted by kurisutaru

mentire life i have had sever and chronic neck pain.  i started complaining about it to my mother aroundd age 2.  I have seen dozens of doctors and specialists but know one knew what the problem was.  i was even told it was all in my head and that the pain couldnt possibly be as bad as i said.  Although i have had to go to the ER more than any person i know because the episodes get so bad.  My neck is very painful and tight with knots that swell in the back of the neck, but my range of motion is good.  My GP and several other doctors told me it was muscle spasms.  I am only 24 years old and determined to find out why this is happening to me all my tests are normal although they discovered a small 4mm cyst on my brain stem and a slightly degenerated disc in the cervical spine, but all the doctors say that it is nothing to worry about and couldnt possible cause my symptoms.  I recently had a bone scan and they discovered i have severe oseopenia in my spine, but they could not do the neck so no one is sure if the neck is as bad.  I know something else is wrong but some of my family beleive this has to be the cause.  if the neck is as bad as the rest of the spine would that cause the muscles to spasm to protect the weak bone?  the doctor believes i was born with bone deficency, so could this be the reason for my sufferring or is there something else, something bigger that the osteopenia and muscle spasms, the cyst, and the degenerated disc are SYMPTOMS of?
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