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"Can My Neck Support Pillow Make My Neck Sore?"

Posted Mar 15 2011 3:59pm

I talk to a number of people who try a new neck pillow only to have soreness the next day, so they stop using that pillow.  The issue is that the soreness is often a good thing.  A good neck pillow will support your neck and help to improve alignment.  When realigning the spine or stretching muscles and ligaments back to where they need to be can make you sore.  This is similar to going to the gym for the first time in a couple months - you often are a bit sore, Right?


Let's take a neck that has loss the normal curvature .  Sleeping on a good neck pillow will help restore the neck curvature.  Depending on how long your neck has been misaligned or the severity of the misalignment can determine the level of soreness.


So, keep in mind that the soreness is most likely normal.  Give your new pillow a chance.  And lastly ,gradually get used to your pillow, meaning - don't sleep on it all night your first night with it.  If you wake up in the middle of the night with some soreness, toss it to the side and go back to your regular pillow.  You may have to do this for a few nights...


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