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Can i use a decompression device if there is inflamation in the nerves?

Posted by John Evans

I have severe pain down my left arm and nunbness and weekness in the hand. There is not alot of pain in the neck but if i tilt my head to the left or to the rear it will shoot more pain down my arm and my hand will tingle severly. My Doctor has me on Meloxicam and Lyrica and Morphine but it seems to be just masking the problem and adding there own issues at the same time.
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I am aware of a non surgical spinal decompression tables.  I'm not sure there are any true decompression home devices out there yet.  There are surgical decompression treatments as well.  I think you may be refering to neck traction.  Some companys call their traction device decompression but it is actually NOT true decompression.

That being said decompression or traction are both fine when there is nerve inflammation.  This is the reason for neck pain in the first place.  Opening up the discs and foramen where the nerves travel helps reduce the inflammation and relieve pain.

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