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Can Chiropractic Care and Spinal Decompression Help Carpal Tunnel Symptoms ?

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:34pm

San Francisco Back and Wrist Pain Center Comments:

We have been treating carpal tunnel symptoms at our San Francisco Financial District Back and Wrist Pain Center for almost 15 years now. I have helped large companies such as PG&E prevent carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and other repetitive stress injuries (RSI). I have addressed the American Postal Workers Union, The San Francisco Unified School District, The Dept. of Transportation, The San Francisco Legal Secretaries Association, and many other large and small companies and groups on non-surgical options for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), repetitive stress injuries (RSI), and ergonomics in the work place. The bottom line is that our bodies were simply not designed to be sitting in front of a computer all day (and sometimes all night). Sure, if you are going to do it there are some basics that will help reduce your risk of  developing CTS or RSI. But, just changing your ergonomics will not do a whole lot for a serious problem that has already manifest because of years of poor posture and bad ergonomics. And, what I have found is that the people that take good care of themselves as far as physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions, seem to be able to handle more work and more stress. You actually increase your resistance to external forces. Of course, there is still a breakpoint. It's just that it is at a much much higher level than someone that does not take care of themselves. They feed off off each other. Some people feel like they need to go out and have a few drinks or smoke a few cigarettes after a long day at the office. Others feel the need to go work out or practice Yoga, go running, something like that.  Which do you think is the better choice ? Obviously the better care you take of your body, the more it can handle. As far as CTS Symptoms, Chiropractic, and Spinal Decompression are concerned, here is the connection:

My Experience Is That Most People With CTS Signs And Symptoms Do Not Have CTS. The Origin Of The Symptoms Is In The Neck.

Well, to some this is not earth shattering information. But, to others they want to know what problems in the hand  have to do with the neck. Well the nerves that control the hands come from the neck. When you have pressure on these nerves as they exit from in between the bones in the neck it can cause the same symptom's you get when you have pressure on them in the carpal tunnel (wrist). It's the same nerve, it just passes through the neck bones (vertebrae) first. In fact it's much more likely that your neck bones are out of place, or you have a herniated disc in the neck causing pressure than having CTS. I would actually go as far as saying that ANY DOCTOR THAT EXAMINES YOU FOR CTS SYMPTOMS THAT DOES NOT LOOK AT THE NECK IS IN THE WRONG PROFESSION. So, if you are experiencing CTS symptoms such as hand pain, numbness, weakness of grip, night pain (classic), arm and neck pain, you should consider chiropractic, since chiropractors base everything they do on where nerves originate and removing pressure from misaligned vertebra (subluxations). In addition, some chiropractors (and medical doctors) incorporate non-surgical spinal decompression for reduction of herniated discs, that can also interfere with nerve transmission to the arms and hands. The machine I use is the DRX9000C. We have had very good success using a combination of chiropractic and spinal decompression, even with the most severe cases. If you or someone you know is suffering with CTS symptoms and would like to find out if we can help, simply call 415-392-2225 and ask for a complimentary phone consultation and we will see if you should consider coming to our facilities for an examination to see if you are a candidate for our methods.

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