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can burning mouth syndrome be caused by whiplash injury?

Posted by jane a.

can burning mouth syndrome be caused by whiplash injury?
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My doctor, who is a whiplash and interventional pain specialist, tells me that he sees orofacial pain in many of his whiplash patients. I have BMS with the tingling not only on my tongue, but also the palate, lips and I have tingling on both sides of my face. I recently underwent a special MRI to examine the alar transverse ligaments, which hold the base of the skull to the atlas vertebra. They were abnormal, consistent with a whiplash injury. (I was in a car accident 30 years ago, but my doctor said that late-onset symptoms are not unusualy, because as we age, our neck muscles are no long able to compensate for the dysfunctional alar transverse ligaments. I will try Egoscue postural therapy and intramuscular stimulation (dry needling of the neck and facial muscles) to release trigger points.
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