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Can a person develop sciatica nerve problems after a total hip replacement

Posted by ballroomdancer2

Dear Doctors,

 My M om (69 years old w/ o any significant health problems) had a total hip replacement about 4 weeks ago.   Post-op and rehab period has been uneventful.  Now she is complaining of numbness below her knee ( no swelling) and she says that it feels "tight" like something is sqeezing it.   This numbness makes it difficult for her to walk independently as it is the same side as her hip replacement. 

 Xrays show some degenerative lumbar disc disease but no obvious problem.  MRI and Nerve conduction tests are being done next week, but I was just wondering if the two are related or this is just all bad timing for my Mom?



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After a total hip replacement rehabilitation is needed to learn how to walk properly. Even retraining the muscles around the hip joint , thigh muscles and the gluteal area is important part during physical therapy. There is also going to be a degree of discomfort in the beginning of the recovery process.  If she is having numbness and tingling she should consult with her surgeon asap.

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